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✔ Buy our kits, components, tools and test equipment
✔ All YooFab™ items are sold through MACROVEND1
✔ YooFab™ ensures high-quality at excellent prices
✔ YooFab™ sales keeps this project alive


✔ Find instructions to build your YooFab™ kits
✔ Take part in discussion on any issue using Disqus
✔ Each YooFab™ kit has its own instructions page
✔ Print kit instructions as a PDF2 or view from your browser3


✔ Arduino, robotics, radio, analogue and digital electronics
✔ Discrete components, IC 'glue logic' circuitry
✔ Simple hand tools, CNC routing, laser cutting and RepRap
✔ Set up an individual workshop4 or a Maker Space Business

TUTORIALS coming soon

✔ YooFab™ will offer tutorials at a “Name your price” basis
✔ From the basics to embedded micro-controller technologies
✔ Training for both industrial and recreational use
✔ You will soon find YooFab™ tutorials in Amazon


✔ Read intesting articles
✔ Give your opinion through our comment system - Disqus
✔ Feel free to email ideas and articles to us
✔ YooFab™ can act as your speaker


  1. MACROVEND is an online selling platform that is aimed at artisan sellers or Very Small International Businesses(VSIB). A VSIB is a business that operates globally, yet exists locally. A VSIB may be comprised of a core team of one or many persons. Everything else about the business is either outsourced or is achieved by agreement with other businesses. Highly successful examples of this idea were pioneered in the late 1990s. Since then, the Internet has provided the ideal environment for the VSIB to flourish. 

  2. Online Instruction Books have a print icon in the top right-hand corner. 

  3. Online Instruction Books are viewable from most browsers, including: Firefox, Chrome and Safari. 

  4. The Makerspace or Hackerspace is part of a new industrial revolution; which promises to place the means of production in the hands of the artisan. More pragmatically, although the means of large scale production remain within the ownership of large corporate bodies, small scale & short run production is now an essential part of the corporate business model. This, results in the artisan having a new relationship with higher production capabilities.